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1: Let's start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now?

Because love is one tricky emotion which can be faked so knowing you're REALLY in love is frigging hard T.T

2: Do you ever get "good morning" texts from anyone?

Nope ^^

3: If your significant other smoked pot, would you care?

Depends on why he does it ^^

4: Do you find it easy to trust others?

I like to say no but the science says that the people who yell the most they don't trust anyone are the ones that I guess I trust people pretty quickly

5: What were you doing at 11PM last night?

Oh god so many things happened last night >.> I think 11PM was the time me and a friend of mine did a frog jumping contest and I ran into the Christmas tree ^^ (fun night)

6: You're drunk and lost walking down the road; who is with you?

Pedobear ^^ no really I have no idea who else could try and get me drunk.

7: What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on?

* evilly grins while grabbing  a shiny sliver dagger and ties it above hip* I will try to "talk" about it ^^

8: Are you close with your dad?

*Shrugs* I guess so it's not like we ignore each other.

9: I bet you kissed someone last night, right?

Eww no the only guy present was Luigi >.>

10: What are you listening to?

The sounds of a Sunday morning...midday ^^

11: You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it?

TEA no doubt bout that

12. Do you like hickeys?

I prefer bite marks

13: What time do you go to bed?

on school days somewhere between 10 and 11...sometimes 12 and in vacation time....well I was in my bed at 3 o'clock last night ^^

14: Is there someone who continuously lets you down?

Nah, if someone lets me down I just slap m, which is fun so then he doesn't let me down anymore ^^

15: Can you text as quickly with one hand as you do both?


16: Do you always answer your texts?

I do

17: Do you hate the person you fell the hardest for?

Maybe if someone pushed me down the stairs XDD but no

18: When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?

Yesterday evening ^^

19: Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?

Oh a lot of people ^^ (oh crap I'm getting social)

20: What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?

I wonder where my parents are...then about 15 minutes later they got home ^^

21: Is anyone else in the room with you?

My cute little snakeybaby ^^

22: Do you believe what goes around comes around?

Only for the positive things....negativity us just spread around randomly

23: Were you happier four months ago than you are now?

That'd be can't recal me being lots ans lots better

24: Is there someone you wish you could fix things with?

I think there is....but luckily I can prevent myself from doing so before it ruins my life again ^^

25: In the past week, have you cried?


26: What colour is the shirt you are wearing?

Black ^^

27: Do people ever call you by your last name?


28: Is anyone ignoring you right now?

Not that I know off

29: Do you have a best friend?

I have lots of friends but don't give them titles I'm just happy when you are there for me <3

30: Would it be hard seeing someone else kiss the last person you kissed?

Nah couldn't care's not like we're still dating so he can go nuts ^^

31: Who was your last call from?


32: Are you mad at anyone?

No I'm pretty peaceful

33: Have you ever kissed someone older than you?


34: How old will the last person you kissed be on his/her next birthday?

ehhh...errrrr......I......don't......know...............................I'm the worst ex EVER!

35: How many more days until your birthday?

Way too many

36: Do you have any summer plans yet?

lock myself in my room and draw like always ^^

37: Do you have any good friends of the opposite sex?

I have more guys than girls as friends

38: Are you keeping anything from your best friend(s) now?

Always ^^

39: Do you have a secret that you've never told anyone?

Well until recently I HAD one >.> but Jay managed to pull it outta me >.< well good he forgets it in about three days

40: Have you ever regretted kissing someone?

I guess so

41: Do you think age matters in relationships?


42: Are you available?

Single: yes. Available: Go wash your mouth with soap!

43: How many people have you had real, strong feelings for since high school ended?

......Oh god....real feelings you say, crap that makes my total go back to zero T.T

44: If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get?

eyebrow, I think bellybutton piercings are too.....blech

45: Do you believe exes can be friends?

Of course ^^

46: Do you regret anything?

How can someone live live and NOT regret ANYTHING?

47: Honestly, what's on your mind right now?

I gotta stop making stupid memes and get on with my assignments or I'll never make it into art school

48: Did you ever lose a best friend?

Sure ^^ and I gained another one

49: Was your last kiss a mistake?

My last one >.> *goes back into files* nope I was pretty content about that kiss

50: Why aren't you pursuing the person you like?

XDD because I first need one XD

51: Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry?

Nope ^^

52: Do you still talk with the person you LAST kissed?

Yes of course we're best buddies

53: What was the last thing you ate?

Puffed wheat with honey and milk

54: Did you get any compliments today?

Nah I've been awake for half an hour now and only went down the stairs once.

55: Where are you going on your next vacation?

We dun go on vacation >.> and with we I mean the kids for my parents don't mind going to Egypt for two weeks and leaving us behind

56: Do you own anything from other countries?

Well I have some perfume bottles and a oil burner from Egypt (guess when I got those) this fake j'adore perfume from Tunis and a heck lot of stuff that's made in china ^^

57: Are most of your friend guys or girls?

Guys they are more fun ^^

58: Where have you lived most of your life?

Earth ^^

59: When was the last time you took a long drive?

In a car you mean.....I honnestly can't remember

60: Have you ever played Spin the Bottle?

Yeah...good old days *refers to a few months ago*

61: Have you ever TPd someone's house?

What's that?

62: Who do you text the most?

I guess my mother ^^;

63: What was the last movie you saw?

Monthy pyton and the holy grail ^^

64: What's preventing your current boyfriend/girlfriend from going back to their ex?

I dun have a current boyfriend ^^

65: How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in 2010?


66: Is the last person you kissed younger than you?


67: Do you curse around your parents?


68: Are you happy with where you live?

I would prefer to live on my own...but I can't for I dun have the money T.T

69. Picture of yourself?


70. Are you a monogamous person or do you believe in open-ended relationships?

If I actualy have someone he's MINE and MIIINNEE alone

71. Have you ever been dumped?

Nope...I have been rejected though ^^

72. What do you most like about making out?

Making out.......have I even done that before?

73. Have you ever casually made out with someone who you weren't seriously involved with?

I do a lot of stuff to casual dudes but making out goes too far for me ^^

74. When you kiss someone for the first time, is it usually you who initiates it or the other?

The other definetely....I haven't taken the first turn like ever

75. What part of a person's body do you find most attractive?

Haaaaiiiir <3 especially when it's long

76. Who was the last person you talked to last night before you went to bed?

Marieke ^^

77. Had sex with someone you knew less than an hour?


78. Had sex with someone you didn't know their name?

See previous question

79. What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?

Chocolate XDD

80. Would you get involved with someone if they had a child already?

Eww no kids plz

81. Has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you?

Well yes ^^ I never confess to anyone

82. Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush?

No >.> I did that once and I ended up getting rejected without even telling the guy...I keep my crushes for myself

83. Do you miss your last sweetie?

Miss....nah not really I'll see him soon enough

84. Last time you slow danced with someone?

ABout a year ago when me and my ex where still dating

85. Have you ever 'dated' someone you've never met?

No but I did get several confessions *cough* shu *cough* XDDDDDDD

86. How can I win your heart?

Make me feel like I'm the most important girl in the world and I'll protect you <3

87. What is your astrological sign?

I'm a lion ^^ RAWR XD

88. What were you doing last night at 12 AM?

Another one of those questions >.> I guess I was watching twister and placing bets on who would win in chocolate...I won the bet ^^

89. Do you cook?

Once a week when it's my turn to cook ^^

90. Have you ever gotten back in touch with an old flame after a time of more than 3 months of no communication?

Does a year count?

91. If you're single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship?

Sometimes I do...but then I just think of the failed relationships behind me and I realize it's better to stay alone ^^

92. Do you prefer to date various people or do you pretty much fall into monogamous relationships quickly?

I flirt a lot with guys I don't care about...but as soon as I really REALLY like someone then that's the only one I flirt with from there on

93. What physical traits do you look for in a potential interest?

Long hair and beautiful eyes <3

94. Name four things that you wish you had:

My assignment done so I can enjoy my vacation
Time to read some books I REALLY need to finish
A clean room

95. Are you a player?

Eww no I flirt but that's it

96. Have you ever kissed 2 people in one day?

>.> no

97. Are you a tease?

Teasing is fun as long as you don't go too far

98. Ever meet anyone you met on Tumblr?

Tumblr SHAME ON YOU (again)

99. Have you ever been deeply in love with someone?


100. Anybody on Tumblr that you'd go on a date with?


101. Hugs or Kisses?


102. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Of course

103. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?


104. Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you babe?

Hmm that reminds me of that psychopath from "A kiss before dying" although he always said baby nor babe...what was the question   again

105. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was in relationship, would you go for it?

NO! I don't care how HOT or CUTE someone may be, but if he is in a relationship and even DARES to pursue me then he's not worth it. I refuce to be "the other girl"

106. Do you flirt a lot?

Ow heck yes

107. Your last kiss?

A year ago...year and a half >.> something like that

108. Have you kissed more than 5 people since the start of 2011?

Nope ^^

109. Have you kissed anyone in the past month?


110. If you could kiss anyone who would it be?

Not telling you

111. Do you know who you'll kiss next?


112. Does someone like you currently?

I don't know..well I think I do know but I don't know if they are over me already or if they're still waiting for me...and I don't dare ask

113. Do you currently have feelings for anyone?

I don't know...but like REALLY how do normal people tell?

114. Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings?

I dunno....In a serious relationship the base element is respect...which I refuse to NOT have. But flings are easier to end...I just stay single for now

115. Ever made out with just a friend?


116. Are you happier single or in a relationship?

Single: Have all my time for myself don't have to worry about hurting people but also don't have that honey to cuddle up with and do romantic stuff with.
Taken: No I don't feel like going out it's NOT you're fault, you...I just need some me time okay....No I'm NOT going to break up with you...WHY ARE YOU SO INSECURE!?

Yeah...I'll go for single ^^
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Oloring Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
SilverlyDragon Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Writer
*bite back* Heyhey lang nie gezien XD en had ik nog wat heb ik gemist?
Oloring Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Je hebt brownies als ontbijt gemist (chocolade!), vrij standaard nachtelijke gesprekken, ochtendmassages en pictionary in de middag.
En wij hebben jou gemist!
SilverlyDragon Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Writer
CHOCOLAAAAAAA....damn >.> klinkt alsof jullie lol hebben gehad ^^
aww das lief :hug: (ik ben idd erg misbaar ;p)
maar goed ik ben toch blij dak naar huis ben gegaan ^^ ik heb echt heerlijk geslapen die nacht en het was gewoon fijn om weer thuis te zijn ^^
Oloring Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
We hebben zeker lol gehad :) En ik heb er nog wat tandafdrukken bij gekregen :o Maar ik ben wel jaloers op jouw fabuleuze nachtrust hoor! Pff, ik heb toen maar 1 of 2 uurtjes geslapen.

Ga je trouwens binnenkort nog naar meetings? Deze vrijdag (28e) en zondag 6 januari zijn er weer via facebook georganiseerde Nijmegen meetings.
SilverlyDragon Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Writer
Teehee ik geef het goede voorbeeld XD
XDD wees maar blij dak er nie meer was dan XD ik wordt echt facking chaggy als ik moe ben XD

28e kan ik nie want dan ben ik bij een vriend maar de 6e ben ik er ZOIEZO!
Oloring Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, nu ben ik wel nieuwsgierig :P Ik heb jou volgens mij alleen nog maar hyper en vrolijk gezien, dus misschien valt dat best mee. En de andere 2 hadden volgens mij wel goed geslapen :)

Yay, leuk dat je de 6e komt, ik denk dat ik er dan ook wel bij ben.
Was jij geen spelling-nazi? En dan toch sowieso met een z schrijven :P
SilverlyDragon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Writer
Wees maar gewoon blij ^^
jippee ^^
>.> ik wist niet eens dat je dat zo schreef ^^; nouja dankjewel ^^
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