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Satomi Ayame
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After getting tagged by both :iconaquaelle:  and :iconcalicocat123:....I did pretty much nothing ^^ now after quite enough of ignoring time I'm gonna do them anywayz ^^ Normally I'm supposed to tag people...but I have no amusing inspiration ^^ so maybe later.

 First up: :iconaquaelle:

1) Cheese? CHEESE? cheese.
Cheese is nice, especially on pizza, or pasta of those cute butterfly cheese thingies of which I don't know the translation, or toasties ^^ with mozzarella, cheese, pesto and tomatoes <3 I'm particularity fond young cheese and not so much of old cheese, that's a tad too sharp for my taste buds. Also I like feta, and mozzarella (pizza mozzarella <3) and cheese spread with herbs and garlic, oh I also like garlic <3 especially on shoarma and with fries and on bread ya know the long french ones, baguettes there called ^^ also did you know that in the french harry potter a wand is called "La Baguette" if that's not a good excuse to run through the supermarket with a baguette and hold an epic magic tournament with friends then....I'll probably do it anyways ^^ 
2) favourite pokémon?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's a hard one...I like eevee, but then I like espeon a tad better cause she's purple (LOVE purple) I also like charizard cause he's a flippin' dragon, but I'm also compared to lugia which is ALSO awesome...I guess I can't choose ^^
3) Did you do something fun with, or around Christmas?
First Christmas day I went to a friend of mine who otherwise had to celebrate it alone T.T aaaaand I played kingdom hearts all day long with pizza and cakepops <3 best Christmas day ever! Second Christmas day I went to my mom where exchanged presents with sisters and "aanhang" aka boyfriends it was great fun ^^
4) Sunglasses are?
Very mysterious things which you have to buy every summer because in the winter they disappear and you'll never find them back as soon as summer comes >.> I'm telling ya they get transported through a black hole to an island where it's always Destiny Island ^^
5) What do you think about anime Conventions?
They're fun but expensive so I can't go to many of them T.T
6) Your favourite character from any series?
7) Are you into any fashion?
Ehm....I like lots of stuff, a little bit of gothic a little bit of lolita a little bit of steampunk and a little bit of casual ^^
8) Do you like birds? do you like PiDgEONSSsS?
Do you like fish? Do you like fishsticks?
9) Are you happy?
10) Thoughts about crossdressing?
Nah, it's no fun when you're a girl >.> too much binding too little frills
11) Do a backflip!
Okay ^^ *does perfect backflip* What do you mean no way!? WHERE'S YOUR PROOF!?
Thank you ^^ and to you too m'dear ^^

And now :iconcalicocat123:

1. Cats or dogs?
CATS! I mean I like dogs but CATS!
2. Are you a morning person?
Only in summer ^^
3. Who is your favorite character in Lord of the Rings?
.................eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhmmm just a sec ^^ *goes on an epic battle in her own head to go find that dusty old file from when she years ago watched lord of the rings with lots of fans and distractions.*  Okay I liked the elf a lot...also he's one of the few characters I actually know the name of (thanks to leglesslegolegolas) so I'll go with legolas ^^  
4. What kind of powers would you have if you were a superhero?
Complete control over time and space ^^ what, that's too much? why? oh fine then I just want the time okay? Good ^^
5. What name would you give your superhero-self (I hope you understand this question it's a bit weird)
The Silver Dragon ^^
6. Meep!
Like Meep as in meep or as in meep because if it's like meep than meep = meep/meep2 and if it's like meep than meep + meep = meeeep and meep meep meep meep
7. sun or snow?
Sun ^^ I absolutely HATE snow!
8. At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
Neither ^^
Okay I need a tardis, four angels and a lot of luck! WE DON'T HAVE A TARDIS!? You have a crack in the universe? WHY NOT THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!? Okay time to plan C RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!
10. What are your intentions for the new year?
To become even awesomer than I am already ^^ 

Like I said there will be no questions now but maybe later when I'm a bit more random, for now I just wanna wish you a happy new year ^^

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